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Corporate Headshots for Business

A typical Corporate Headshot session will take about 45 minutes to an hour for one person, and can be conducted at your business address or an outdoor location that suits you.  Multiple headshots can be coordinated at the same time.

Normal turnaround time for the final images to be delivered to you is three to five business days, depending on the number of people in the group and headshots required.

You will receive three to five fully edited images per individual.

Individual headshots are $180 for the first person, and $80 for each person thereafter, where headshots are taken in the same session.  Custom pricing can be provided for groups of 20 or more, where headshots are taken in the same session.

If you require any further information, please feel free to make contact.


Tips for your session

  • Choose clothing that is industry-appropriate.  Consider taking it up one degree, with an outfit that has an aspirational quality to it.  You and I are crafting imagery that needs to inspire others to want to be associated with you and your business or brand, so consider what your outfit says about you.
  • An outfit that can offer two or three different looks by changing accessories and a jacket is ideal.
  • Avoid strong yellow or orange colours as these colours can wash out many skin tones, and avoid strong patterns. 
  • Keep jewellery simple and classic in styling.
  • A darker jacket with a lighter coloured business shirt or top works best, as this helps to define your shoulders and craft a flattering 'V shape' from your face down through your torso.
  • Make-up should be light and typical of what you would wear to a meeting.  Avoid spray tans where possible, as this will not look natural under photographic conditions.  I can help you to organise a professional hair and make-up artist if you need one.  An additional fee will apply.